June has arrived and it’s time to start preparing for Winter to hit soon. We’ve put together some tips & tricks so you can make sure your home is kept nice & warm over the cooler months without hitting your pocket too hard.

Only heat spaces in use

It’s a commonly-held belief that leaving your heatpump on all the time is more efficient. We recommend otherwise.

Turn the heating on when you get home and shut the curtains straight away. Close any interior doors you aren’t using to keep the heat contained to the space in use.

You want to turn off your heating about 30 minutes before you go to bed – the residual heat will hang around while you’re settling in.

If you’re not making use of the Timer function on your heatpump already, you need to. Set it to come on 30 minutes before you’re up in the morning and you’ll find getting out of bed much more tolerable!

If you like to leave the heating on overnight for little ones or the elderly, you will be fine to turn it off when you get up in the morning as again, the residual heat will stick around while you get ready.


Make sure you clean the filter every month, along with an annual service from a qualified HVAC Technician.

Keep an eye out for our annual specials on a Heatpump Service around May/June.

Heatpump Sizing

It’s important to make sure your unit is correctly sized for the space. If it’s too small, it will be working overtime to try and heat the room, resulting in an expensive power bill!

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